The Lehigh Valley Angel Investors Group prides itself as a congenial group of motivated, business minded professionals with a desire to achieve a Win-Win environment with our funding partners without jeopardizing the anonymity of its members. Our membership list is therefore deemed confidential to the public domain.

LVAI originated from The Lehigh Valley In 2011. Our purpose is to provide eligible entrepreneurs that possess potentially lucrative opportunities with capital in the form of seed or growth funding. All LVAI members are "Accredited" investors with "hundreds of years" of combined experience and business acumen in the development and management of successful organizations. This enduring support has proven to be a significant asset to our investment partners.

LVAI was originally formed to fill a void in Angel Investing within the Lehigh Valley, an area that has expanded to the Northeast US and beyond. Investments are usually made as a Group. However, separate funding by individual members does occur. We have enjoyed a steady growth to over 50 members. All qualified applicants for membership are invited to attend a monthly meeting as our guest before considering joining our family of investors.

Membership Requirements

Our members must:
• Be accredited investors (as per SEC standards)
• Pay the annual membership dues
• Make their individual investment decisions
• If investing in a project, the minimum is $5K

A Note About Applying

To apply for membership, please click the following button. You’ll be asked to create a login and password for our Dealum platform, which we use to manage our membership and investment opportunities. It will also allow you to enter your personal profile. Please post as much as you feel comfortable sharing. Our membership committee will contact you with more information about attending an upcoming meeting and annual dues, before finalizing your decision join.

Photo Credit Steve Wolfe